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Vilnius vs Klaipeda – CS:GO

Klaipeda vs Vilnius CSGO

A tournament not to be missed! 🔥


Since your interest in CS:GO is really high, we’ve decided to throw you a real shooting party to see which team can call itself the best in the GG community and win the grand prize of 1000€!

The tournament will take place on the FACEIT platform. Playoff participants will have the choice of playing from home or coming to the arena (50% discount for those who want to play in the arena with a reservation).

Vilnius Qualifier – 21 October 13:00-22:00

Klaipėda Qualifier – 21 October 13:00-22:00

🏆 FInal – 28 October, 13:00. 🏆

The final round will be live from the arenas. The winning teams of the qualifiers will play in Vilnius and Klaipeda arenas respectively. The final will be streamed live on our Twitch account ⬇️


On the GG Arena website, in the tournaments section, select the desired city, provide the required details and make the payment (one person per team must do this).

After payment you will receive a link to the FACEIT platform to your email.

The registration fee for the tournament is 30€ (for the whole team).

Team limit (per city): 16 teams

Registration is open until 19 October.


🥇 1000€

🥈 GG Arena gift voucher worth 500€

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